Window Project – Opened 24 Hours 7 Days

Window Project (2006 to 2010) was a public art space situated in the centre of downtown Victoria, at the intersection of Government Street and Johnson Street, just steps away from the Chinatown and the… Continue reading

ALAN KOLLINS “Before/After” August 1 to September 4, 2006

Alan Kollins defines himself less as an artist than he does an arts administrator, former academic and generic misfit still pursuing the rock and roll lifestyle. Alan serves on the board of directors at… Continue reading

Laura U. Marks “Letters from Beirut” September 8 to October 8, 2006

Letters from Beirut is a collection of email letters sent to friends (later forwarded by her friends to others and hence reached the hands of Window Project). Documenting the time period from the Israeli… Continue reading

Jon Baturin “Tama Triptych” December 6, 2006 to January 14, 2007

Jon Baturin is an Associate Professor at York University in Toronto. He has spent much of the last decade investigating ideological constructs and the formation of dogmatic systems as they relate to notions of… Continue reading

Mark Prier “Continental Drift ” January 20 to February 28, 2007

Mark Prier‘s eclectic practice ranges from installation and performance to audio art and electronic music, often exploring themes of mapping, wilderness, and survival. He has presented exhibitions at Redhead Gallery, Toronto Free Gallery (Toronto, Ontario), White… Continue reading

Libby Hague “Paradise Apartment – Waiting for Skylark” March 14 to April 15, 2007

Toronto based artist Libby Hague was born in St. Thomas, Ontario but grew up in the suburbs of Montreal. Using combinations of print, video and installation she looks at the risks of living in a… Continue reading

Kim Huynh “Top Hat ” May 5 to June 3, 2007

Calgary-based artist Kim Huynh was born and raised in Sai Gon, Vietnam and immigrated to Canada in 1980. She studied art history, philosophy, painting and drawing before going on to receive a Bachelor of Fine… Continue reading

Barb Hunt “Fallen” June 29 to July 31, 2007

Barb Hunt’s art practice is based in textiles, with focus on the rituals of mourning, particularly those of Newfoundland. Her current work is about the devastation of war: knitting anti-personnel land mines in… Continue reading

Ho Tam “Go for the Gold!” September 4 to October 26, 2008

Window Project re-opens with Victoria artist Ho Tam‘s “Go For The Gold!” – an installation that continues the Olympic spirit and explores the ambition of the Asian men. The installation will coincide with his solo exhibition “Confessions… Continue reading

James Wentzy “Remembrance” December 6, 2008 to January 7, 2009

(Efendi Sheikh Muzaffer and the Halveti Jerrahi Dervishes performing the Sufi Ceremony of Dhikr in New York City, 1980) “This photograph of the circling Ceremony of Dhikr (Remembrance) has hung on my wall… Continue reading

Shelter Installation (Collaboration with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria) January 29 to May 24, 2009

Assume Nothing: New Social Practice is an international contemporary exhibition staged by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. In 115 days of 2009, our city is introduced to art that intersect the social and political… Continue reading

Daryl Vocat “A Boy’s Will” June 1 to July 11, 2009

Largely derived from found and manipulated drawings from old Boy Scout manuals, A Boy’s Will explores a world where young boys create rituals, form bonds and explore dubious notions of morality. Adults are scorned and… Continue reading

John Abrams “Dracula” July 20 to August 31, 2009

My recent painting proceeds from looking at film, and by extension digital video. I am interested in the possibilities that open up in the translation of cinematic episodes into painting, because I have found, that… Continue reading

Diyan Achjadi “We Expected Hysteria” September 8 to October 8, 2009

We Expected Hysteria is a series of three panoramic prints from The Further Adventures of Girl. The Girl is the central character in an ongoing series of narrative prints and animations that examine representations of militarism… Continue reading

Fred Worden “1859” (Collaboration with AntiMatter Festival) October 9 to 17, 2009

“The political or cultural aspects of history are the mere surface of history; that in preference to, and deeper than these, the reality of history lies in biological power, in pure vitality, in… Continue reading

Victoria ! Victoria ! (collaboration with CARC, Hong Kong) October 2009 to March 2010

Co-curated by Dr. Tang Ying-chi Stella & Tam Isabella   Contemporary Art Research Centre (CARC), Hong Kong ( In search of a dialogue between Victoria and Hong Kong (once also named Victoria in honour of the… Continue reading

Robert Easton “SEVENZEROTWOSEVENTHREE” May 25 to June 25, 2010

SEVENZEROTWOSEVENTHREEis a visual tapestry to the forgotten. The piece is an intricate geometric pattern comprised of 70,273 black and white crutches. Each crutch represents one of the disabled infants, children and adults labeled… Continue reading